Do More. Faster.

CMM is for the developer! Scale up the power of your Amazon servers without paying more. Use CMM to turn your waste costs into a bigger, faster server!

Does Size Matter To You?

As a developer, it can be frustrating when you’d really like a faster server, but the cost implications simply don’t justify the extra spend by your company.

You’ve raised the issue with your bosses – a bigger, faster server will improve productivity and get things done in a fraction of the time it currently takes. If you’re running servers in a test environment, then more would be better; either an extra-large server or a multi-server setup. And you’d like control over the servers.

The problem, you’re told, is that costs are already too high for the company to consider adding any more servers and that your department hasn’t helped by leaving the servers on 24/7.

What you really need is more control over your servers, but more importantly, the freedom to ramp up the power.

This is in essence what Cloud Machine Manager is offering.

CMM turns off Amazon Cloud Servers when they are not being used, and back on when they are. For you, it means savings that can be translated into a bigger server at no extra cost – with the upscaling potentially funded entirely from the savings made from CMM.

CMM not only saves on server running costs, it also gives you more on-the-fly control, with a convenient mobile app that will switch a server on when you want, and an email alert to confirm that its okay for CMM to switch an unused server off.

How’s that for a bunch of reasons to try CMM?