CMM for Universities

Nobody likes being faced with unexpectedly high AWS bills. That’s why Cloud Machine Manager dramatically reduces the costs of your Amazon server usage by giving you control of when your servers are turned on or off.

...without the need for technical knowldege...

Schedule servers to have weekends off

CMM is great for Universities using Cloud services for web applications, research and teaching. But servers used for these purposes don’t always need to be switched on. So by using CMM’s Scheduling feature, you can schedule your AWS EC2 servers to be turned off at weekends and evenings when server usage is likely to be lower, cutting costs and saving you money. If you’re running multiple large or extra large servers, think of how much you could save by switching them off when they’re not in use!

Automate servers and cut your costs

Universities can also cut costs using CMM’s Automation feature, where an email is sent to users notifying them that idle servers will be switched off. So if your mind is elsewhere on a Friday afternoon, CMM ensures your servers will be turned off over the weekend, reducing wasted server usage.

Turn your servers off On-Demand

A unique property of CMM is the ability to truly control server on/off states using the On-Demand feature. Without the need for technical knowledge, users can instantly turn servers on or off, giving you the flexibility to work anytime you need to. Ultimately, CMM works when you do.

And with the handy mobile starter app (available on Android and iOS devices), you can gain remote access to instantly turn servers on/off in the palm of your hand.

All of the resulting cost-savings can then be pocketed and used elsewhere in the University – or you could use the savings to upgrade to faster servers with superior computing capacity, providing students and staff with an even better academic experience!