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What is Cloud Machine Manager?

Cloud Machine Manager (CMM) is an automation and scheduling tool that turns Amazon EC2 Servers on and off in response to user demand. It makes sure servers only switch on when they are needed, to save development companies, universities and small business a lot of money (more). It’s then up to you whether you keep the savings made or re-invest in bigger, better and more powerful servers!

What does ‘On Demand’ mean?

‘On Demand’ servers turn on only when they are needed, delivering zero waste. Cloud Machine Manager can detect when a user wants access to a site hosted by your server, turn it on – and back off again when they leave. Automating your EC2 servers with CMM means that your servers only work when you do!

How much money will I save using Cloud Machine Manager?

Our tests show that using CMM to switch a server off at weekends and outside office-hours will typically halve the cost of that machine. This translates to savings of around $750 per year for each machine (for a medium-sized Windows machine). The savings will vary depending on your own usage and the size of the servers you’re trying to save money on.
Two examples of savings: A company using CMM and only running servers between the hours of 0900-1730 could save as much as 76% in cost and a company using CMM and only running servers for tests for 10 hours at intermittent times during the week could save more than 90% on their server costs.

How Scalable is Cloud Machine Manager?

We understand that you might be trying to grow your business and we understand that you’re less likely to buy a service or product that won’t scale with you. As you grow the business and add more or larger servers, you can add them to CMM and continue saving. Depending how much you save with CMM, you might even be able to upgrade your servers with the money you save. Bigger and better servers without paying the premium! CMM not only scales with you, but can help you grow!

How much does Cloud Machine Manager cost?

We charge a flat fee of $5, $10 or $20 a month, depending on the size of your Amazon Server. We keep things simple which helps you easily keep track of cost as you scale your package to suit your needs, upgrading or cancelling instantly with no fuss.

If you still need convincing that CMM’s the right fit, sign up first for a month’s free trial and see how much you’re saving before committing to a full plan.

How long does Cloud Machine Manager take to set up?

You’ll be up and running in 5 minutes (Some technical knowledge may be required for set up).

What are AWS Access Keys?

AWS Access Keys are security credentials used by Amazon – learn more about AWS Access Keys here.

Do I need to have technical knowledge to use Cloud Machine Manager?

You need to know less than it took to create your server in the first place! CMM is designed to be easy-to-use. Depending on how you use CMM, it can be as simple as pressing a button on an app to turn the servers needed on and off. 

How do I control CMM’s settings?

We’ve built a great Web-based admin system that you can use from any browser.

How much control will our staff have to switch machines on or off?

Your team has total control over how your servers are managed. The CMM scheduling tool lets you easily create a plan that suits your usage requirements. If you use your servers intermittently for testing and don’t have set hours when the server is on, you can use the on-demand feature that allows you to switch the server on and off as you need it. This can even be done through the app. CMM’s automation feature can even switch the server off for you if you forget by monitoring usage!

How many servers can I manage?

Unlimited. But if you have thousands we’d appreciate it if you give us a heads up first, just so we know.

What operating systems are supported?

CMM’s downloadable software (CMM Starter) is Windows compatible and all scheduling/control elements are Web-based. The servers can be any OS supported in the Cloud.

Does Cloud Machine Manager only cover the Amazon EC2 Cloud?

For now, yes – but this will change as our service expands. If you have a different Cloud you’d like to manage using CMM, email us at enquiries@cloudmachinemanager.com and we’ll tell you if it’s in our plans.

You’re going to have system access rights to my machines. What guarantees do I have that you won’t abuse those rights?

Amazon has a sophisticated rights management system that allows you to provide us with keys that have the bare minimum of privileges. In addition, you should be assured that Cloud Machine Manager is owned by our parent company, Blueberry Software Limited – a well respected, trustworthy company which has been trading since 2006, producing award winning software that is sold world-wide.
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How will I be billed?

CMM has a monthly payment plan, billed in advance. Billing is handled automatically using the payment method selected at registration.

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