Find Your Server: connecting to server IPs, managed by CMM

By default, Amazon gives your server a different IP address each time it gets switched on. When your servers are managed by CMM, it will show you the currently assigned transient IP address and also easily allow you to assign an Elastic IP address to your EC2 server instance.
  1. Assign any of your available AWS Elastic IP addresses – these will stay with your machine as you, or CMM, switch it on and off. You can also link any Domain Name that is already pointed to that IP address in Amazon’s Route 53. You can now connect to your server using the EIP address or domain name. The domain name can now also be used to start your server.

  2. If an EIP or domain name is not attached to your server then you may wish to use the transient IP that AWS assigns to your server instance. The CMM Desktop Starter App will allow you to setup and connect directly to your server via your preferred client programs (e.g. a RDP or Terminal client). This works by fetching the transitory IP address that Amazon has assigned and then handing it over to the program that you connect with.