How it works

Cloud Machine Manager gives you control of when your AWS EC2 servers are turned on or off, saving you money – but let’s take a closer look at how CMM does this.

AWS EC2 servers are often left on 24/7, even though these servers are only used for a fraction of the time.

For example, where standard servers are used for the duration of the working week (Mon-Fri, 9-5 – 40 hours) they are only actually used 24% of the time, but for 100% of the cost.

This means that servers can be turned off for the rest of the time in order to reduce wasted server use and expenditure.

If we look at servers used for testing, they are only used for 10 hours or 25% of the working week (40 hours). If we include the entire month, then we find that test servers are being used only 6% of the time, meaning a lot of money is being wasted!

This is where Cloud Machine Manager comes in and can drastically reduce costs by turning servers off when they are not in use.

The beauty of turning servers off is that they are actually suspended rather than fully shut down, making them a lot faster to bring back online – it’s kind of like putting your TV on standby rather than switching the plug off. The servers even perform faster as the system memory and caches contain data that is frequently used.

You also don’t need to access the AWS Console – Cloud Machine Manager accesses the required server via HTTP, SSH or Terminal Services – so it’s switched on as soon as you go to use it.

So how can you use CMM to turn these servers off? Using any of these 3 convenient ways;
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On-Demand – using a simple mobile app, you can instantly turn servers on or off at the tap of a button. CMM will also automatically start a server when a user visits a web app currently running on it.

Automation – this handy feature monitors server usage and will send you an email notification to let you know that servers with low usage will be turned off.

Scheduling – you can even schedule when servers are set to be on or off ahead of time.

So by using CMM to turn servers on/off, you can ensure that servers are only active for the 24% of the time they are actually used.

This can translate into cost savings of 76%, freeing-up three-quarters of your server budget for more efficient use – you can even use this money to reinvest in what is virtually a FREE UPGRADE to larger and faster servers.

What’s more, CMM scales with your servers – so as your servers scale up, so do the savings!