What is Cloud Machine Manager?

Cloud Machine Manager (CMM) provides real-time on-demand scheduling and automation for the provision of Amazon EC2 servers. It makes sure servers only switch on when you are working, and then switch off again when they are no longer needed. Whether you’re a development company, university, big business or small business, CMM could be saving you a heap of cash.


CMM allows developers and end-users to quickly and simply turn AWS EC2 servers on/off automatically based on demand, offering more than scheduling usage time for servers.

Think of CMM like how you might use Intelligent Lighting. The lights switch on when people are in the building – or when a group enters a meeting room. When you’re done and everyone leaves, the lights go off. Unlike scheduling fixed usage times, CMM delivers on demand cloud computing – for all or just one of your EC2 servers.


Set-up can be done in just 5 minutes. You just need to be prepared to move your test domains to AWS Route 53 cloud DNS service and EC2 servers.

You can create server groups, or simply choose individual servers. Users can then be added and given access permissions.

And you don’t need technical experience to use it. In fact, admin is simple and can be controlled from any browser on any device, with access to applications at the click of a button.

Take an On-Demand Approach to your EC2 Servers

Amazon EC2 pay-as-you-go customers are charged even when their Cloud servers are not being used. Many companies only use their servers at particular times, such as during office hours or when testing applications. Yet, the servers are frequently left on 24/7 because of the administrative overhead of turning them on and off. For those paying by the hour, costs soon mount up because the meter is always running.

CMM’s on-demand approach saves money by avoiding charges for unused server time, whilst ensuring resources are available when users need them. CMM automatically monitors workload so that unused servers can be identified and turned off. A powerful scheduling capability also ensures that servers are available during the periods they are needed.

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