Cloud Machine Manager can reduce waste, slash bills and even give you the opportunity to upgrade your EC2 servers. Whether you’re a development company looking to get more power, or an office working 9-5 looking to save on Cloud Server costs, CMM can help.

   Development Companies

CMM’s on-demand and automation capabilities are ideal for development companies and studios using Amazon EC2 Servers to develop and host test sites that are visited intermittently. By switching the servers on and off based on demand, it’s possible to massively reduce bills, as much as 90% in some cases! CMM can instantly start a server on request meaning you don’t have to rely on scheduling and it can even automate the switch off based on usage.


As a small or medium size business, there’s a good chance that you don’t use your server all the time. It’s possible that you only experience busy periods at certain times of the month. CMM can enable you to make big savings during the times that you’re not using your server by monitoring server usage levels and determining when the server gets turned on or off. 


CMM is a perfect fit for campuses using Cloud services for data storage and postgraduate research. Universities can cut costs significantly just by switching off a server at weekends and evenings, halving the cost of that machine! CMM’s scheduling feature even ensures that servers are switched back on again the next morning, ready for use that day.


  Start Ups

More and more new and growing businesses are turning to the cloud for technology infrastructure. It can be much cheaper to run on a pay-as-you-go model than to invest in the hardware. CMM can work with you to ensure that you are only charged for what you use by switching the servers on and off based on your usage.


  9 to 5

CMM is ideal for any company that only needs to fire up their servers between 9am and 5pm. The scheduling tool will ensure that the servers power up and down at the appropriate times saving you from the overnight and weekend cost when the servers aren’t in use. Even better, if someone does need to use the server out of the usual hours, the servers can be switched on or off on demand, there’s even an app for it!